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Grandfathers Tribute

Grandfathers tribute

Growing up my grandparents were so important to me and I have so many really happy memories that revolve around them and their farm and my tattoos speak of this love.

My grandfather’s tribute tattoo has a magpie skull at its centre representing him.  My grandfather has passed away so a skull made sense to me.  He loved magpies and would often talk to them.  When I hear magpies singing I often think of him. 

The vines and flowers surrounding the skull are Morning Glory vines which grew on the front fence of my grandparents’ farm. 

Kel Tait, a tattoo artist who was living in Melbourne from the UK did a guest spot in Adelaide specialises in watercolour and I was so excited to have the chance of having her work on my arm.

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REFRESHING. Hard Seltzer - Tattoo Me Cooler
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REFRESHING. Hard Seltzer - Tattoo Me Cooler
REFRESHING. Hard Seltzer - Tattoo Me Cooler

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