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I suck at art.

I suck at art

I suck at art.  But now with my tattoos I can be involved in art but from a different aspect.  More the canvas than the artist. 

I am going with animals down one side and then I’ll do cartoons down the other one.  The animals started with having to cover up a tattoo I had done when I was young and silly with a big gorilla head.

Then I got a gorgeous husky puppy and she was so beautiful I had her image tattooed on the same arm. 

My wife loves hippopotamuses so that was next. 

My Stepfather loves elephants so I had one done.

A really close friend of mine passed away so I got an eagle’s head for him. 

The meercat is for my Dad because he sort of looks like one. 

The green tree snake is for my lovely son. 

What’s your favourite animal?

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REFRESHING. Hard Seltzer - Tattoo Me Cooler
Share your tattoo story.
REFRESHING. Hard Seltzer - Tattoo Me Cooler
REFRESHING. Hard Seltzer - Tattoo Me Cooler

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