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Burger Ring


Yep it's a burger ring

Yep it’s a Burger Ring.  And no, I don’t have any other tattoos.

I was working one vintage for a winery in McLaren Vale and they had an end of year celebration that started early and ended late with me getting my tattoo.  There may have been a couple of drinks during the day, in fact there were more than a couple.

I saw a Tattoo Parlour and thought I should get something to remind me of the winery I worked at and it took a moment to think of what really stood out about that vintage.  The kitchen was always stocked with snacks and I ate a lot of Burger Rings so that’s what I decided on. 

The tattoo artist was unsure and asked me to draw a Burger Ring which he then traced onto my arm and here I am today with my own interpretation of a Burger Ring. 

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REFRESHING. Hard Seltzer - Tattoo Me Cooler
Share your tattoo story.
REFRESHING. Hard Seltzer - Tattoo Me Cooler
REFRESHING. Hard Seltzer - Tattoo Me Cooler

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